Bespoke Shoes – Style At A Price You Can Afford


Now, what I’m about to tell you is not just a consignment of elderly shoemakers or, as some would have it, a load of old cobblers.

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Fact is, though, I’ve come across something a bit special for the chap who likes a bit of quality in the shoe department, but doesn’t have the wherewithal to patronise John Lobb in St. James’s or Gaziano & Girling just round the corner in “The Row” when looking for new bespoke shoes.



So, how about a pair of bespoke shoes made to your own design and on a choice of last, but for a price far enough South of the cost of a decent pair of Church’s to leave you with enough change to fund a celebratory martini at The Ritz:  sound interesting?  Well, let me introduce you to “UNDANDY,” who’ll make you a tasty pair of bespoke “ones-and-twos” to pretty much your own design.

Have a look at their little video.


Here’s what you do to create your bespoke shoes or boots.

  1.  Choose one of three lasts to suit your style of bespoke shoes.
  2. Customise your creation – you can be sober, funky or downright outrageous:  how about a pair of brogues in red, white and blue leather, with green laces and red stitching?  No, wouldn’t be for me, either, but if that’s what you fancy, then that’s what you can have.
  3. Specify your size – the shoes aren’t made to measure, but you can specify different sized shoes for each foot.
  4. Pay your dosh, wait a couple of weeks, and Hey Presto, you are the owner of your own uniquely stylish shoes or boots.  You can even design yourself a pair of sneakers if that’s what you fancy……but, of course, it isn’t, is it.  Is it?

So, why not give bespoke shoes a try – go ahead and Create your own shoes!

Or if you need some inspiration, take a look at some of their shoes first –



bespoke shoes style

Monkstrap Half Brogues. Bespoke handmade with green suede, rough green and burgundy calf Leather, finished with orange stitching.



bespoke shoes style

Handmade Bespoke Desert Sand and Dark Blue Calf Leather Half Brogue Chukka Boot finished with Green laces and stitching.



Something a tad more restrained, perhaps?  How about these, then.

bespoke shoes style

Plain Oxfords Bespoke handmade in Calf Leather, finished with a Bordeaux hand painted Patina.


Or how about a bit of Italianate decadence?

bespoke shoes style

Bespoke Dark Brown Suede plain loafers with beige stitching


Or these, probably my absolute favorites.

bespoke shoes style

Handmade Bespoke Dark Brown and Light Green Suede Oxford Half Brogue


The thing is, you can please yourself, and isn’t that really what style is?  “UNDANDY” say that there are Over 156 billion combinations for you to choose from – don’t feel you have to look at them all, but there should be enough to keep you occupied for an hour or two.

I just think this is a brilliant concept for any chap interested in finding stylish shoes that are just that bit different, so why not take a look at what they have to offer and let yourself become CONSPICUOUSLY INCONSPICUOUS!

Back again soon,



Click here to purchase your bespoke shoes


Watches: Style For Our Time



First social worker, to his colleague:           “What time is it?”

Second social worker:           “Sorry, don’t know – I haven’t got a watch.”

First social worker:               “Never mind – the main thing is that we talked about it.”


Sorry – just couldn’t resist a very old joke.  But you see, this just goes to show that any chap worth his salt really must have the time.  And the energy, too, but that’s another old joke!

courtesy of forums dot watchuseek dot com

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Of course, fashion plays its part in these things, and the modern trend is for bigger and bigger watches offering more and more functions that you’ll probably never use.  Before long, you’re going to need an extra arm just to lift the bloody things!


So, here at GreyMan Style, not only are we more concerned with style than with fashion but, just for once, we’re going to set the agenda for the next phase of Tick-Tock Trends.

Thing is, you see, I’ve been watching this all rather closely.  Currently, watches are about as big as they can get, so I’m going to make a prediction………(drum-roll, please)………I think the next big thing in watches will be, err, small.  If you get what I mean.

Yup, I reckon that your average watch will soon be getting smaller – you heard it here first!  And, what’s more, I jolly well like it – much more elegant, more manly, more practical.  Won’t need to go to the gym just to be able to lift ‘em, either.  Less is more, if you see what I mean.

Now that doesn’t mean that a chap has to relinquish all sense of style or individuality – there’s plenty out there to choose from and, as ever, GreyMan Style is here to lend a hand.  Or is it a wrist?

Whatever – let us point you in the right direction to becoming a grey style and fashion icon of the watch world, with these few carefully chosen suggestions for timeless style on your wrist.  Hope you like ‘em.



First up, something classical.

Daniel Wellington Men’s Quartz Watch Classic Sheffield 0107DW with Leather Strap (£75)









Or do you fancy something contemporary, like this?

Mondaine Stop 2 Go Men’s Quartz Watch with White Dial Analogue Display and Black Leather Strap (£379)










Or this quirky number with a 24-hour face?












Not for you?  Perhaps something more rugged might appeal – take a look at these two elegant examples.

Gucci G-Timeless Collection Men’s Quartz Watch with Silver Dial Analogue Display and Silver Stainless Steel Bracelet YA126442 (£507) Interest-free credit available.










Again, more rugged, but a bit less formal.

Ben Sherman Men’s Quartz Watch with Beige Dial Analogue Display and Brown Leather Strap WB005BR (£40)










These next four fall somewhere between classical and contemporary, offering a bit of fun and colour whilst still being just a tad “reserved.

Bulova Accutron II Men’s UHF Watch with Blue Dial Analogue Display and Brown Leather Strap 97B133 (£226) Interest free credit available









blue watch

Locman 1970 – Diamond Bezel Blue Automatic Watch (£1,959.00)




























And that’s almost it, but before we go, I just couldn’t resist one last offering.  I came across this amazing bit of retro digital bling, and I have to admit I found it so gobsmackingly blingy, I just couldn’t resist letting you have a look.  Now be honest, it’s so shockingly tasteless that’s it’s brilliant, isn’t it?  I mean, wear that with a black dinner suit and you’ve got a cracking bit of style right there, not to mention a pretty good talking point to amuse your friends!

So – deep breath – here goes: it’s time to break the rules!  Go on – spoil yourself!

black diamond dinner watch

Christian Koban Clou Black Diamond Dinner Watch £11,399 (and 5 pence!)


And that, gentlemen, is about it for our little look at watches for the grey man of style – something for everyone, I think.

Right, then – Time Gentlemen, please, have you no homes to go to?

Back with more style soon,




Boots: March Into Spring With Style.


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We—can—stick—out—’unger, thirst, an’ weariness,

But—not—not—not—not the chronic sight of ’em —

Boot—boots—boots—boots—movin’ up an’ down again,

An’ there’s no discharge in the war!

 (Excerpt from “Boots” by Rudyard Kipling.)


Nothing upsets a chap’s sartorial equanimity quite as much as dirty shoes on an inclement day. Those highly polished loafers just can’t cut it when the rain is streaming down and you just yearn to splash your way through a few puddles, to set free your inner child.


Image courtesy of

Mind you, even when your equanimity is taking a bit of a kicking, there’s no need to look quite as bloody miserable as this grumpy old so-and-so!  Might be good for him to try kneeling on the pavement all day long, polishing the shazbat off some pompous git’s ones-and-twos!

But I digress.  The point is, how about a bit of retro style to help you master the worst that our great British Spring throws at you? Yes, I’m talking boots – big, high-laced, manly marchers that not only keep your feet and ankles dry, but even look good with a bit of honest splattering on ‘em.

Time was, of course, when all men wore boots as standard. Shoes were for ladies, while men wore boots:  long riding boots at first, then shorter dress boots (often made of patent leather), only ever wearing shoes in the form of slippers as part of formal evening wear.

victorian street life, boots

From “Street Life Of London” by Adolphe Smith & John Thomson.

But as the Victorian period drew to a close and dress became less formal and, indeed, more adventurous (driven, in many cases, by the pioneering styles of Edward VIII, later to be Duke of Windsor), it soon became the norm for a gentleman to wear shoes, with boots slowly becoming associated with the dress of manual workers.

But style and fashion are fickle bedfellows, and today we find ourselves in a state of fashion-flux: shoes still predominate, but boots are certainly making a comeback, be it as more formal wear or for casual dress.  Not only that, but the range of styles and colours is enormous :  as good ol’ Arthur Daley used to say, “the world is your lobster!”

So whether you fancy dressing them up for town – the right pair will look great with a pin-stripe or a tweed suit – or something a bit more rugged or colourful for your off-duty moments, boots are a great way to look dapper in a downpour.

Here are just a few ideas that would enhance any fella’s feet.

Click On Pictures Or Links Below For More Information.


Let’s start with a classic, these grain leather, Goodyear-welted beauties from Barker.


Barker “Dixon” boots from Country House Outdoor.












Another classic, but of a more informal sort, are good old Doc Marten’s.  The company have upped their game over recent years and offer a vast range of colours and styles.  I rather like this pair in blue, but have a look at what they’ve got to offer.


And now for something completely different.  If you’re up for something a bit more fashion-conscious – cutting edge, “outré,” if you will – then have a look at some offerings from Italian fashion house, Forzieri.

victorian boots, forzieri

Smoke Grey Washed Leather Boots by Forzieri.











OK,  they’re not, perhaps, for the office or your niece’s wedding, but a great bit of Victorian retro for slumming it a Sheekey’s or The Ivy!  Or how about…….

Petrol Blue Handmade Italian Wingtip Ankle Boots by Pakerson, from Forzieri.











Of course, I can’t let you go, dear reader, without the traditional parting question asked of a gentleman since time immemorial:  something for the weekend, Sir?  If that’s what you require, here are a couple of Casual Styles that will see you right in town or country, pub or wine bar, when blowing your wad at Romford dog track or watching England do their best  to throw away a Triple Crown at Twickers.

Red Wing boots from Country House Outdoor.

Red Wing “Iron Ranger” boots from Country House Outdoor.
















So, chaps, whatever your taste, be it traditional, fashion-oriented or rugged, splash out on some boots and put your best foot forward into Spring.

More style for the Grey Man coming very soon.

Thanks for following our blog and website,

Toodle Pip,


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