Corduroy: All Hail The Cloth Of Kings!

Film director Wes Anderson looking cool in cord! Courtesy of

Film director Wes Anderson looking cool in cord!
Courtesy of

Corduroy – a gentleman’s wardrobe and style-staple for many generations, is having a bit of a fashion moment this Autumn and Winter.  Of course, gentlemen such as ourselves are concerned not with fashion per se, but with elegance, sophistication, individuality:  in short, we value style above fashion, substance above whimsy.  But it’s nice to find oneself “bang on trend” once every so often and let me tell you, chaps, this is our moment!





So, here’s your starter for ten.  Who knows where the name “corduroy” has its origins?  Well, many say that the name originates from the French “cord du roi,”  meaning “the king’s cloth,” and that it was a type of fabric that was somehow reserved for wear only by royalty.

Well, it’s a great story, but seems a little implausible.  It’s more likely that corduroy had its origins in the West of England, where it was originally manufactured.  Indeed, far from being a cloth of kings, corduroy was a popular cloth for the fabrication of work-clothing from the late C18 onwards.  So, the cloth of kings became the cloth of the common man.  Perversely, it then became standard country dress for the minor gentry, before gaining a fashion foothold in the 1960’s.

So that’s all clear, then!  Anyway, what matters is the here and now, and what we have is a stylish, warm, hard-wearing fabric with a soft, velvety “hand” that lends itself to all aspects of a “smart casual” look.  Indeed, you may not believe it, but there’s a “Corduroy Appreciation Club,” too!  Yes, really – I think they are largely Americans, so do take themselves rather more seriously than we Brits would but, nonetheless, you’ve got to admire their taste (and how often do you hear that said about those Sons of Uncle Sam?)  Take a look for yourselves…………


OK, so we all agree that cord is pretty darn good.  So, how does one wear it?  Well, It looks great as a jacket (pair it with moleskin or woollen trousers, even with crisp denim,) trousers or jeans:  indeed, a corduroy suit is a fine addition to your wardrobe, meeting your needs for a host of occasions, and it’s just so, so “cool” to wear.

It has a tremendously “hip” retro vibe about it, too, so let the “new mod” in you shine through, put on a Miles Davis LP (you can’t do retro and listen to a CD or iPod recording, it’s just not right!), fix yourself a double espresso and relax, Daddy-O !

Beginning to see what corduroy has to offer?  Well, here are a few ideas to whet your appetites – just click on any of the images or captions below for more information or to purchase.


Grey cord unstructured classic fit jacket - CHARLES TYRWHITT

Grey cord unstructured classic fit jacket – CHARLES TYRWHITT








wine corduroy trousers

Wine-coloured classic fit corduroy trousers – CHARLES TYRWHITT


























Corduroy trilby






So there we have it, just a few tasters of the many ways in which The Cloth Of Kings can enhance your style.

Hope you’ve enjoyed this posting, I’ll be back with more soon.


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